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  1. An introduction to tablets [video]

    An introduction to the wonderful world of Tablet computing including how a Tablet is different to a notebook or PC and what you can do with them...

    Duration: 3:29

  2. An introduction to the web [video]

    This video introduces the Internet and takes you through a number of reasons why you'll love exploring what the world-wide-web has to offer, including news, shopping, entertainment and more...

    Duration: 2:44

  3. iPad: How to find and watch a video [video]

    This video explores how you can watch movies and video from your iPad, and shows you how to find videos, buy movies and even rent your favourites...

    Duration: 2:51

  4. iPad: How to connect to the internet [video]

    This video explains how the iPad connects to the internet, including the different types of connections it can make, as well as how to link to a wireless network...

    Duration: 3:25

  5. iPad: How to find and listen to music [video]

    This video shows you how you can find and listen to music on the iPad including visiting the iTunes store and using the music player...

    Duration: 3:20

  6. iPad: How to use video conferencing [video]

    This video explores the iPad's video-sharing ability and explains how you can make video calls to your friends and family over the internet...

    Duration: 3:00

  7. Elder abuse is family violence [video]

    Elder abuse is family violence

    A message from the Commissioner for Senior Victorians with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and the Royal Commission into Family Violence in the spotlight...

    Duration: 2:49

    • News,
    • Elder abuse
  8. Seniors Awards 2015 [video]

    Duration: 1:48