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This video introduces e-Reader devices in general, including the different types of e-Readers, and explains how they can transform your book-reading experience.

Today I want to talk about a new way to read books using a device that could save you time, space, and maybe even money. It's called an e-reader. It means electronic reader, and it's just what it sounds like, a device that works like a book. E-readers are similar to tablet computers, but an e-reader like this one is just for reading electronic books. These are called e-books, and you can get them from the internet.

An e-reader is light and portable, very easy to use, and the battery can often last weeks before you need to charge it. The screen on many e-reader models is also special. They use a technology called e-ink, which works inside if you're reading with a lamp, or outside on the porch or in the garden. It tends not to strain your eyes like a computer screen. You can store lots of e-books on an e-reader, and carry a whole library around with you. You can choose which one you want to read from a list, a sort of digital bookshelf.

Of all the devices I have used, an e-reader is most like the thing it replaces, a book. You can download e-books to an e-reader using a wired or wireless home broadband connection. There are even some models that can use the 3G mobile phone network for downloading. Of course, if you want to buy e-books you need an account with an online bookstore and a credit card, of course. The best news is that e-books tend to be much cheaper than printed books, because you're not paying for paper or the shipping of the physical book.

Now, there are a few different e-reader brands and most of these are available at shopping centres, from online stores, and even from supermarkets. You can ask the salesperson about the different models, or have your family and friends recommend their preferences, or compare the features of various e-readers at online stores yourself. One main difference between the brands may be the number and range of e-books available for your e-reader, although they all should have the major bestsellers and the classics available. You can also use a tablet computer like the iPad or an Android tablet as an e-reader too. All you need do is download the appropriate e-reader app.

​So how does an e-reader save you time, space, and potentially money? Well, that's easy to answer. Time, because you can browse and buy new books right on your gadget, without having to go out to a shop. Space, because your books are all stored on one slim, light device instead of filling up your house. And money, because e-books tend to be cheaper than printed books.

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