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Travel: how to plan your trip online to save time and money

Using the internet is a great way to plan your next trip, whether it be a simple weekend away or the world tour. Booking flights, hiring cars, and hotels on the internet is much the same as booking them over the phone. Instead of having to listen to lots of information very quickly, you can take your time reading the pages on a travel website to be sure you get the best deal. Travel websites present available and exactly how much it will cost. Websites even list your options from cheapest to most expensive. You can save lots of money by booking your trip at late notice on special websites that specialise in last minute deals. These sites group together all the 11th hour deals and special offers from hundreds of travel agencies, hotels, and airlines. They're a great place to find a really good travel bargain.

Booking a flight these days can be rather complicated, what with layovers, different routes, and the many types of fares that you can choose from. When you book a flight online, the airline's web page will show you a list of all the flights on your preferred date of travel and, of course, the cost of each seat. You just click the one you want.

When it comes to accommodation, the internet takes the guess work out of booking the perfect room. The hotel's webpage will show you photos of different room types and provide a map of where the hotel is located. Some sites even have 360 degree room tours you can watch right there on your computer. Before you book, it's a good idea to read some reviews of hotels, as well as activities you can enjoy at your destination. Many websites offer reviews and testimonials from previous guests, not just about how clean the bathroom is, but how close the hotel is to major attractions and, or course, public transport.

The Australian government's Smart Traveller website can give you all the information you need about your destination. Things like what vaccinations to get, what visa you need, and nay cultural or legal niceties you might need to observe. When you plan your trip online, you can be fully informed before you even book your tickets.