28 September 2016
Duration: 1:27

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This video teaches you about where to find and enjoy digital music including examples of good places to visit as well as tuning into digital radio.

The internet is a great place to find new music and rediscover old favourites, and you can do it without even leaving the house. Instead of going to a shop to buy a cd, you can buy music from a website as a digital file, either as an individual song, or a whole album. When you're ready to make a purchase, you just download songs and albums to your computer. You can listen to your music on your computer, or copy the files to your phone or mp3 player, and you can even connect it to your home's HiFi system. If you don't want to buy music, you can always listen to internet radio, like the ABC and that's free.

Type this address into your web browser - www.abc.net.au - and use the search bar to find your favourite station, then click listen live on the station's webpage to hear music through your computer's speakers. Now remember, on an internet radio station, you can't save the music for later, you can only listen to it live like a radio. You can hear stations that don't broadcast in your area, as well as overseas stations. The best part is, they're all static free.