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Understanding the different types of home networks available, so you can decide which is best for your home.

Wireless home networks are convenient and flexible. They let you use your PC wherever you want, even out in the garden if you choose, but there are a few different types of wireless broadband network. Choosing the right one depends on your needs and of course your circumstances.

First things first, before you can set up a wireless home broadband network, you need an account with an internet service provider and, of course, an internet connection. Now your home internet connection is a bit like your TV antenna in that it comes into your house at a single point, either your phone line or a special cable. When you connect a wireless modem router to that point, it uses what we call wifi technology to broadcast the internet to devices like PCs, smart phones, and tablets around the house.

Generally, we describe a network that uses wireless technology to share an internet connection as a wifi network. When shopping for a wifi modem router, you'll see different logos and numbers on packaging. These numbers, such as N300 or N300 plus, refer to the speed of the wireless network. Faster equipment makes it quicker to transfer large files, say lots of photos and home videos, between computers and generally provide a better experience for everything you do on your network. To help protect your personal information from hackers or prevent freeloaders from using your internet service, it's a good idea to enable wireless security on your network. This means you need to type in a password to access the network and the internet. You set this password when you first configure your router.

Now, if for some reason, you can't get ADSL or a cable internet connection where you are, there might be another wireless option. It's a 3G router that takes a mobile phone style signal and converts it into a wifi signal that your computer can use. It's a great solution for places where ADSL or cable just isn't available. These days, 3G or 4G connections are very fast. Wireless is the best kind of home network because it's so flexible. Being able to get online, transfer of files, and backup your data from anywhere in the house, even the bathroom, is the best thing since Marconi invented the radio.

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