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How to fill up your Facebook page with the people and pages you want to connect to.

When you first create a Facebook profile well, it's pretty much a blank slate so you'll need to add some friends. You can think of Facebook as a sort of hi-tech radio. You tune it in to the people you want to follow.

Log into your Facebook account and type a friend's name in the search bar. A list of people with that name will appear. The people at the top of the list arrive at geographically closest to you or they're already friends with someone else you know. Hopefully you can recognise your friends and family from their profile picture. Click on the person you want to add. Facebook will send that person a notification saying you want to be friends. You can add a personal message here as well. You won't actually be Facebook friends until that person has accepted your friend request. This is to protect their privacy and yours.

Until you're accepted as a friend, you'll only be able to see a limited amount of information about a person and the same goes with your information. Only when you accept a person as a friend will they be able to view your photos and messages. Once you've added a few friends, Facebook will start to suggest people you may know. Pretty clever stuff, huh?

When a person becomes your friend, their updates, photos and comments will appear on your News Feed. That's your Facebook home page. You can talk to a friend in two ways. Either send them a private message which stays between you and them or you can post on their wall and comment on something they've posted. This is visible to all your friends.

When a friend accepts your friend request or someone asks to be your friend, a little red number appears at the top of the page. Click the icon to see who it is. There's no limit to the number of friends you can add.