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Choosing the right computer is easy today and there are many styles and options to suit different needs. The video points out that the key components to consider are screen size; processor speed and graphics speed. The best rule of thumb is to sample and compare -- settling on the one you are most comfortable with.

Are you ready to buy a new computer? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping to get the most for your money. The power of a PC is defined by it's hardware, manly the processor, the graphics chip, and the size and resolution of the screen. The bigger and better each of these, the more expensive the computer. Now the thing is for almost every task except playing the latest games, even the cheapest PC's are powerful enough for most of us to use. Value for money is found in other places, such as the size of the hard-drive and the number and types of ports on the computer you can plug other devices into.

Modern conveniences like built-in wireless networking and memory cards slots are now standard on almost all new computers, but it's worth checking. Memory or RAM, which is different from hard-drive space use to be a big deal, but since nearly all computers now ship with two gigabytes or RAM as a minimum standard, it's no longer an important consideration. However, if you want to increase your computers performance, than specify more than two gigabytes or RAM.

What is that $500 difference between models really about? Well, mostly it comes down to screen size and resolution and the power of the processor. If you're happy with the size of the PC, the weight, the amount of hard-drive space and the ports on the computer that let you connect to other devices, you can save that extra money. Our advice on screen size for a laptop, 15 inches is the sweet spot. Text isn't too small and it's less bulky and awkward than the heavier 17 inch models.

The most important thing to remember is that you don't have to spend big money on a high powered model. That is unless you want to play lots of games or use professional graphic tools. It's just not necessary. Here's a quick check list for your next shopping spree. It'll help you make a more informed decision.