Woven baskets in use in Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam

Woven baskets in use in Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam. Image courtesy - René DeAnda on Unsplash

From 1 July  the major grocery and department stores including Woolworths, Coles, IGA and Big W will be phasing out single use plastic bags. This means you will need to take your own bags shopping or buy them at the check-out .

Sustainability Victoria advise that the plastic bags used for meats or fresh produce will still be available, however for taking your shopping home you need to bring your own bag or purchase a thicker bag which can be recycled in RED Cycle bins at supermarkets.

You may already be using cloth or woven bags or baskets, however stores have some plans in place to help transition customers from a single use plastic bags.  Woolworths has bought out a new reusable shopping bag with a lifetime replacement offer. Proceeds of the sale will go to the Junior Landcare grants program which helps fund environmental projects in schools, kindergartens and youth groups.

And Coles has released a range of bags with school students’ designs on them for sale from 10c through to $3.00 – with the proceeds going to a range of charities.

Sustainability Victoria says green bags get greener the more you use them – so get involved with the reusable bag revolution!