Three people looking at the bill


Winter is on the way, and you’re probably wondering how you’ll stay warm without blowing your energy budget. Having the heater on high three months a year is all very well, but having a house that stays warm by itself is even better.

Sounds impossible, right? But getting a Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment can set you on the path to a more comfortable home with lower energy use.

The Scorecard is a new Victorian Government program to review, rate and improve the energy efficiency of your home. It is delivered by government-accredited assessors, and will give your house a star rating (like the star rating on your fridge or air conditioner) as well as recommendations to improve that rating.

Getting a Scorecard assessment is a simple process. Visit the website, choose an assessor and get in touch for a quote and to book a time.

Ron from Mount Martha recently had his house assessed. “The improved thermal comfort of our home is marked since we made the modifications Scorecard suggested,” he says. “We only had to use our air conditioning once over the summer and our electrical bill has been reduced radically.”

The assessment process is easy and takes one to two hours. The assessor walks through your home, recording information using the online Scorecard tool. The assessor takes down details of:

  • your fixed appliances, like your air conditioner and hot water system;
  • the size of your rooms, the way they’ve been built, types of windows and insulation; and
  • other elements that affect the energy use or comfort of a room, such as gaps under the external doors or unsealed chimneys.

A great aspect of a Scorecard assessment is that the results are instantly accessible and you will receive immediate feedback from the assessor. You will also get a certificate with a star rating and suggested upgrades for your home, emailed or posted to you.

The assessor will discuss the certificate with you and give you further advice on what changes you can make to your property to improve its energy efficiency, increase its comfort and to reduce your energy costs.

Accredited assessor Danielle King says, “one great thing about Scorecard is it gives Victorian households access to a government-accredited assessor they know they can trust, someone who can answer questions about why their energy bills are high. We can also help you decide which changes to make to your home first and help you prioritise.”

For more information on Scorecard, visit, email, watch a video or contact the Scorecard team on 136 186.