Dennis Troedel the 2017 Victoria in Bloom Gardener of the Year award winner
Dennis Troedel with a pumpkin grown in the community garden he helped create.

As flowers bloom and vegies ripen in gardens across the state this spring, the Victoria in Bloom garden competition is open for entries.

In 2017, Dennis Troedel was awarded the Victoria in Bloom Gardener of the Year award for his work in creating a community garden. He describes Victoria in Bloom as helping people to express themselves and to be creative. For Dennis, gardening is very rewarding and would encourage everyone to have a go.

Victoria in Bloom recognises and rewards the great work of gardening enthusiasts living in public or community housing. Tenants can enter all types of gardens – from balconies, to backyards and community gardens. No garden is too small or too big.

The award categories for 2018-19 include:

  • Best Balcony or Container garden
  • Best Household garden
  • Best Edible garden
  • Best Creative garden.

Entries to the Victoria in Bloom competition close on Friday 30 November.

For more information on how to enter the competition, visit the Housing.Vic Victoria in Bloom.