Extreme heat brings greater risk of power black outs, so it pays to be prepared.

Here is a brief checklist of essential items:

  • Charged mobile phone, or landline that doesn’t need electricity
  • Torch or battery-operated light
  • Battery-powered radio so you can get news and weather updates
  • Fresh water
  • List of important contacts, such as the faults and emergencies number for your energy distributor, your local council, and the VicEmergency hotline

People with special needs

If you need an uninterrupted power supply due to special needs, such as medical equipment, you should:

  • let your electricity retailer know
  • have a plan in place, in case there are prolonged power outages

If the power goes out

  • Check to see if other houses around you have also lost power. If they haven’t, check to see if your safety switch has tripped.
  • Be careful when using candles.
  • Turn off appliances.
  • Be safe with food.
  • Check on your neighbours.