A project for people across the City of Melton aged 50+ is making craft items for those in need.

When Melbourne went into lockdown earlier in the year, Darren Cunningham from the City of Melton became concerned many people were becoming bored and idle in their own homes, and decided to pull together a project to occupy the spare hours, that people could do in their own homes. And so CommuKnitty Crafters was born.


Before long dozens of keen knitters and crochet enthusiasts had been recruited, and have since created teddies for sick children, crocheted blankets for cancer patients and winter warmer packs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

'This has been a wonderful project - almost 500 teddies have been completed,' Darren says, 'we are now onto our fourth project in the Commuknitty series.'

For any Melton residents wanting to get involved, contact Darren Cunningham on 9747 7332 or email darrenc@melton.vic.gov.au

You can nominate which project you want to participate in, Council will then deliver a Crafting pack to your door, ensuring physical distancing.

The project packs include:

  • Trauma Teddies pattern instructions and knitting needles,wool and stuffing to make two bears.
  • Knee blanket pattern yarn and a circular knitting needle, and for crocheters the yarn and a crochet hook.
  • Winter warmer black, red or yello yarn. And once delivered, the gloves, scarves and blanket squares will be given to the charity Knit One Give One (KOGO).  

For more information on what support your local Council is offering to residents at this time, visit the Social Support Hub.