Judy is trying indoor rock climbing - wearing her helmet for safety and looking up towards the next hand hold to reach for.We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.
- George Bernard Shaw

Did you know Victoria has a network of over 250 residential camps offering group accommodation and outdoor activities tailored to suit all abilities? Older adults are finding out that the fantastic facilities available through these camps are not just for school kids, but can make a memorable weekend away or even just a day visit.

A group of seniors who have been attending Anglesea Recreation Camp every year since 2006, enjoy the community atmosphere that the camp brings. Over the years the group has shared the dining room with kids of all abilities, sporting groups, youth at risk, culturally diverse groups and many more. We have been impressed with the facility improvements over the last 10 years to make our stay more comfortable, we especially like the vegie garden and chickens at Anglesea, said Neville, a long-time member of the group.

Cardholder delight

Seniors Card holder, Ray Colton, another member from the first camp at Anglesea who still attends each year, said From the first site visit we were met with genuine warmth and enthusiasm that has not waned over the years. The continuity of staff at the camp has meant that each year when we return, it really feels like coming home. The camp is very considerate of our age and we use only bottom bunks. The mattresses are very comfortable. Over the years we have enjoyed participating in some of the camp facilitated outdoor activities such as canoeing, archery and low ropes. These have proved to be popular with our group. The large hall is well patronised.

Although within the group there are suggestions for walks, visits to markets etc. everyone is free to do as they please.

The beach, op shops, coffee shops, golf club and visits to surrounding areas are popular choices.

The Anglesea Recreation Camp is part of a large network throughout Victoria. If you are part of an organised group such as a sporting club, social group or even looking to get away for a family gathering, the Australian Camps Association offers a free statewide booking service where they will match your group's needs with the facilities and programs available at these camps. They can even tell you which ones offer a Seniors Card discount.

Call the Australian Camps Association to find out more.