Temple in Japan

112-years and 259-days, or around 41,139 days is the length of time Japan’s Masazo Nonaka has lived, and this week he was awarded the title of Oldest person living (male) by Guinness World Records. 

Born on the 25th of July 1905, Mr Nonaka took over the title when the former record holder – 113-year-old Francisco Nunez Olivera from Spain passed away in January this year.

Mr Nonaka puts his longevity down to his sweet tooth and visits to the hot springs, however one of his daughters feels it’s because he lives a life that does not bring him stress. “If he doesn’t want to do something, he’ll make sure everyone knows about it,” she said.

Really fond of his two cats Kuro and Haru, Mr Nonaka enjoys keeping up with sumo wrestling on television, spending his time with family and indulging his sweet tooth.

With the record for oldest person ever being held by Jeanne Louise Calment from France, at 122-years and 164-days, Mr Nanako has another 10 years to usurp Jeanne Louise Calment.

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