Introduced in 1991, more than one million Victorians now hold a Seniors Card. That’s a lot of people and some of them have a few questions. Here’s some of the ones we hear more often than most (oh, and some answers we hope you find helpful):

Does my card provide discounts on prescriptions?

No. Your Seniors Card is not intended as an income supplement or support scheme and does not provide assistance with prescriptions, land and water rates, utility bills and vehicle registration. For enquiries regarding the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card call 13 23 00, visit your local Centrelink Customer Service Centre or go to the Centrelink website.

Is a Seniors Card the same as a Pensioner Concession Card?


How can I get a Pensioner Concession Card?

Call 13 23 00, visit your local Centrelink Customer Service Centre or go to the Centrelink website.

If my card is lost or stolen how do I get a replacement?

Go to A replacement card will be sent within about four weeks.

Why haven’t I received my free off-peak travel vouchers?

These are sent to Seniors Card holders every September with the annual mail out. Households with more than one cardholder receive their vouchers in the same envelope. Seniors Business Discount Card participants are not eligible to receive free off-peak travel vouchers. If you believe you are eligible and have not received your vouchers call 1300 797 210 to confirm we have your correct address details.

Why was the Seniors Business Discount Card introduced?

The Victorian Government recognises that as our population ages and people continue to enjoy longer and more active lives, many people over the age of 60 remain in full-time employment. The Seniors Business Discount Card enables this group to receive benefits from the Seniors Card program, when they previously couldn’t.

What is the difference between a Seniors Card and a Seniors Business Discount Card?

To be eligible for an Seniors Business Discount Card you must be at least 60 years of age, working 35 hours or more a week in paid employment and be a permanent resident of Australia, living in Victoria. A Seniors Business Discount Card only entitles you to business discounts, whereas a Seniors Card also entitles you to free and concession public transport, a free Seniors myki and an exemption from needing a fishing licence in Victorian waters.

Are these cards recognised interstate and in New Zealand?

Yes, in some instances. All states and territories still accept your Seniors Card for travel concessions and many interstate businesses will also accept your Seniors Card. Contact the Seniors Card program in the relevant state. For details of participating NZ businesses, visit or call 0800 25 45 65 when over there.

How do I search for business discounts?

Go to and search the discount directory. Also, keep an eye out for the ‘Seniors Card Welcome Here’ signs at participating businesses.

How do I become a participating business?

Go to

How do I update my details online?

Go to

How can I subscribe to the Seniors Card e-newsletter?

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