Lady exercising 

The best thing about exercise is it doesn’t take much to begin. All you need is a little motivation and the rest will come easy. So, too, will the benefits.

Fitness adviser Luke Scott says seniors need reasonable mobility to be able to enjoy life to the fullest – and, while you’re never too old to start exercising, it is important to make sure you always keep moving.

For many people, getting motivated is more than half the battle. Break down your exercise regimen to daily tasks – everyday rituals that make up that larger goal. If you only aim for the larger goal it can be a bit daunting and you may be more likely to give up.

Luke says older people need to focus on improving and maintaining three important physical characteristics:

  • Building bone mineral density because you naturally lose this as you age. You can do this through strength training.
  • Cardiovascular capacity to improve endurance, such as walking up flights of stairs without losing your breath.
  • Keeping a good range of motion in your body through stretching.

One of the tricks to creating a sustainable exercise regimen is not to over-reach, Luke says. Don’t force things. Exercise should become like brushing your teeth every day.

If you’re just starting out then what you need to conquer first is your mindset. So just do one small thing every day, like eating a bit better, until it becomes a habit and you feel like it’s something you want to do, rather than have to do.

If you would like to make fitness part of your daily habit the good news you don’t even need to leave the house. Just pull up a chair, print out our wall chart, and you’re on your way.

Download fitness chart

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