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Home computers and networks:

Guidance when choosing a computer, with helpful tips when shopping for one, along with other information on the different specifications and computer models available.

Visit Part 1: Home computers
Visit Part 2: Home networks

Mobile phones and tablets:

Master the basics to better understand simple phones and smart phones. From managing your contacts to sending and receiving pictures. There is also an introduction to tablets and the iPad.

Visit Part 3: Tablets
Visit Part 4: Mobile phones

Social networks and online security:

Through Facebook, you'll be introduced to social networking, showing you how to have fun and socialise online with family and friends, regardless of where they are in the world. We also provide some suggestions on how to better protect yourself when online, and protect your personal online profile.

Visit Part 5: Facebook
Visit Part 6: Internet Security

Email, internet and online shopping:

You'll be introduced to email and search engines (such as Google) to help you be better connected, have fun, and open a whole new way of interacting with your community and the world.

Visit Part 7: Email and Internet
Visit Part 8: e-Readers