Seniors enjoying social media

Social Seniors is a series of practical workshops that use ‘digital stories’ – short videos – to help seniors engage with social media and share their interests and stories with others online.

Social Seniors is funded by Telstra and the Department of Health and Human Services, and running through public libraries.

As well as expanding their networks and social opportunities, the program helps participants address concerns they may have about online privacy and security – and become more confident about sharing their personal information through digital channels.

Hands on and real life

By shifting the focus from technical skills to creative interaction, Social Seniors breaks the mould of conventional digital training to provide ‘real-life’ skills that will help seniors broaden their social circles and connect with local services. By the end of the three workshops, participants will be able to produce a ‘digital story’ on their smartphone or tablet to share with like-minded individuals and groups with similar interests.

While the focus of Social Seniors is on improving online and social media participation, there is a strong additional focus on social inclusion. The program aims to empower senior Australians to participate more broadly in community groups and activities, and to give them sustainable digital skills that will positively impact all aspects of their everyday lives.

Convenient and practical

Social Seniors comprises three 2.5-hour workshops held over a 4-6 week period. In the first workshop, the participants learn how to post and share information safely on Facebook and begin the process of structuring a short digital story on a subject of personal interest. In the second workshop, they start to collect materials and video footage for their productions, and to edit these using a free video-editing app. They complete their videos in the third workshop – ready to share with their new Facebook networks.

Libraries that are now signing up participants for 2019 programs

  • Casey Cardinia Libraries
  • City of Yarra Libraries
  • Indigo Shire Council
  • Greater Dandenong Libraries

And those running programs in 2020

  • Gannawarra Library Service
  • Goulburn Valley Libraries
  • Stonnington Library and Information Service
  • Yarra Plenty Regional Library Corporation

Speak to your librarian about joining the Social Seniors program today!