Welcome to the Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined in 2020 - a special online Festival delivered directly to your home. Each week we will bring you new performances -so be sure to come back and get in the groove.  

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An online Festival is completely new for us and we hope you enjoy the performances. You can also read more about our Festival reimagined performers.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined - Week 6 welcome from our hosts


Week 6: More than human

Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid welcome us to the performances for Week 6.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Batton and Broadway

Week 6: More than Human

Sue Broadway of Batton and Broadway, says people from her generation love seeing people their own age on stage doing extraordinary things.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Lemony S Theatre

Week 6: More than Human

Sarah and Jacob run their own company, the Lemony S Puppet Theatre, performing works that often combine real actors and puppets to create a ‘magical realism’.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Vardos

Week 6: More than Human

‘It can be dance music that is played at weddings and parties, it’s comedy and it’s also about the slow, sad and boring things in life too. It’s got it all’ says Alana from Vardos.

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