Until October 2020 we're presenting a new radio program in addition to the Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined.

Our program of music and entertainment features classic nostalgia to contemporary artists.

You can download the full Radio Reimagined program to see what's on offer.

Radio reimagined is available to listen offline. To download, look for the downward pointing arrow on the right hand side of the player. Please note, the file size of audio programs equates to approximately 1 MB per minute. 

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Dear Ida by Lisa Petty

Dear Ida is a verbatim theatre performance illuminating the pivotal importance of WWII dance halls on the Australian home-front throughout WWII. The performance communicates the mood and tensions of Australian society on the home- front and the profoundly important role dancehalls played in maintaining community cohesion and heal from the trauma of war.  


Alan Hopgood radio play, The Carer



Writer and Director Alan Hopgood has been one of Australia’s leading playwrights since 1963, when the first of his successful plays for the Melbourne Theatre Company And The Big Men Fly was presented. 

Written and performed by Alan Hopgood, The Carer has been adapted to a radio play. The heart warming story of a man rediscovering joy after the death of his wife.

Read Alan's performer profile.

Download the transcript (accessible)

Alan Hopgood radio play, The Carer


The Cockatoo - a radio play by Laura Lethlean

"When writing The Cockatoo, I wanted to explore the notion that each of us, despite our age, ability or past, can find a way to do good in the world. If we can discover something that fits with our soul, we are all able to leave a small part of the world slightly better than we found it." says Laura Lethlean on 'The Cockatoo'.

Read Laura's performer profile.

Download the episode transcript

Laura Lethlean - The Cockatoo


Scones, Lamingtons and Chocolate Rolls - A radio play by Christine Middleton

Meet Australian Outback 1940's restaurant owner Sheila and journey through her life with stories, song, bush verse and mouth watering recipes.  Sheila's dessert trolley, laden with pavlova, creme caramel, mocha chocolate roll, mulberry pie, bowls of chocolate mousse and long stemmed glasses filled with strawberry romanoff, was famous throughout the region.

Read Christine Middleton's artist profile.

Download the episode transcript (accessible)

Christine Middleton - Scones, Lamingtons and Chocolate Rolls

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