Deborah Kayser’s earliest memories are of being underneath a piano while her grandmother played. Despite this, Deborah never dreamed of being a musician. ‘Even in my late 20s I thought “Oh, this is just what I’ll do until I work out what I want to do.”’ 

Deborah Kayser Nick Tsiavos

Since joining a choir at university, Deborah has gone on to collaborate with a range of diverse composers and toured both locally and internationally and is known as one of Australia’s most adventurous sopranos. 

‘I’ve always been open to experimenting and learning new things,’ she told us, explaining that her approach to new styles originated from her tendency to say yes, and a willingness to explore. Deborah currently performs in areas as diverse as Byzantine chant, French and German Baroque song and classical contemporary music. 

In addition, she has had several works written specifically for her voice which she describes as a ‘tremendous experience.’ 

‘It’s a valuable opportunity for people to have written specifically with my voice and capabilities in mind… they may well have a confidence that I can come up with the goods that I haven’t yet discovered!’

Deborah’s long-time collaborator of 22 years is her partner, bassist and composer Nick Tsiavos. For Radio Reimagined they have produced Aura of the Whitethorn - Love Songs of the Irish after discovering a book of Irish love songs on their bookshelf.  She notes that the sentiments of the songs are just as relevant today as they were to the person who wrote them. 

‘The poetry of those songs just gets to the nub of the matter, the gut-wrenching truth of it all… it’s the human condition expressed.’ 

Listen to Deborah Kayser and Nick Tsiavos Aura of the Whitethorn - Love Songs of the Irish on Victoria Seniors Festival radio Reimagined Music Features.