Written by Michael Ward, Collie & Cass is a comedy about a mother and daughter’s weekly Zoom catch-up during the COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne. ABC Radio Melboure were kind enough to pass from Noeline Brown about her involvment in the radio serial.


Collie Cass illustration

Cassandra 'Cass' Mornay (Julia Zemiro) is a forty-something mum who’s been forced to put her interior design business on hold during lockdown. Stuck at home with husband and aspiring chef Tom, Cass tries her best to stay sane. She makes a point of keeping in touch each week with her septuagenarian mother Colleen 'Collie' (Noeline Brown), who is handling lockdown far better than her daughter - especially with the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Pegasus.

Noeline Brown: 

"When I was asked to appear in a Covid-related radio play with the wonderful Julia Zemiro I jumped at the chance. I had really enjoyed working with her in her fabulous ‘Home Delivery’ series and admired her for her talent and her warmth. I had appeared on TV with John years ago, probably in ‘Rafferty’s Rules’ and Leo Sayer in the movie ‘Razzle Dazzle’ so I was pleased to be working with them again. I hadn’t met Matt but I admired him greatly."

"I wondered how the show might be recorded, seeing we were in different states and travel would be difficult because of the pandemic. ‘Over the phone’ was the answer. 'Oh, great!' I replied, not at all confidently."

"‘It’ll be easy’, cooed Brian Nankervis. And it wasn’t! When we eventually recorded, I was so anxious I printed out all the episodes, had the script on my phone, my tablet and my computer, just in case something went wrong. Which it did, but I had INSURANCE!" 

"This was the second scary long-distance acting experience I had during Covid. I recorded a lot of material for Macquarie University on the phone and found that quite stressful. It was part of a program on anxiety and depression and by the time we finished I was almost a candidate myself."

Listen to 'Collie and Cass' at the Victorian Seniors Festival radio Reimagined.

Collie and Cass is the newest program from ABC Radio Melbourne The Friday Revue. The serial stars Noeline Brown as Collie, Julia Zemiro as Cass, John Wood as Pegasus, Matt Preston as Tom, and Leo Sayer as himself.

Producer Brian Nankervis
Written by Michael Ward
Performed by:
Collie - Noeline Brown
Cass - Julia Zemiro
Pegasus - John Wood
Tom - Matt Preston
Leo Sayer as Leo Sayer

ABC Radio Melbourne's The Friday Revue is an entertaining mix of music, news and views that looks back at the stories that shaped the week. The Friday Revue sees Jacinta Parsons and Brian Nankervis reflect on the week that was. 'Collie and Cass' is now available to listen to at Victorian Seniors Festival radio Reimagined.