Until October 2020, we're presenting a new radio program in addition to the Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined. 
Radio reimagined is here for you to enjoy and revisit anytime. 

The Victorian Seniors Festival Radio reimagined programs include:

  • Music and entertainment features from nostalgia to contemporary artists
  • Radio plays, including recordings of works by Alan Hopgood and Agatha Christie and modern writers
  • New plays commissioned by the Victorian Seniors Festival
  • A fantastic mix of spoken word, poetry and prose from Australian writers and performers

We have the full Radio Reimagined program available in one easy to read document.

You can download tracks and playlists for listening offline - just look for the downward arrow on the right hand side of the player. 

We are excited to announce that Victorian community radio broadcasters will air our programs on their stations. For information on your local broadcaster and where to find them on your radio dial, visit our Local Radio Schedule page.

Enjoy - and thank you!

Radio reimagined would appreciate your feedback and comments. Let us know what you think.

The Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined is a completely new concept for us. We hope you enjoy the performances.

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