Week nine interviews and performances include Uncle Jack Charles, Spectrum and Nina and Regan.

With a special introduction by our talented hosts Tristan Meechan and Bec Reid.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined - Week 9 welcome from our hosts

Week 9:Land, sky, heart

Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid welcome us to the performances for Week 9.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Uncle Jack Charles

Week 9: Land, sky, heart

‘When you were taken in those days, during the 40s and 50s, you immediately got a criminal record. Your first offence was, “Aboriginal child Jack Charles. The offence — child in need of care and attention”,’ Uncle Jack Charles says. 

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Regan Kohu and Nina Katene (Nha Uri Whaioranga)

Week 9: Land, sky, heart

‘We take our Elders on stage and we're showing what they've taught us, their experiences, their stories. It flows right through everybody in the group and it just makes everybody feel connected and in unison. It's a great feeling to be a part of.’ Regan Kohu.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Spectrum

Week 9: Land, sky, heart

Music’s really great like that, it always takes you back to a place or time. You can see a lot of happy people singing along to I'll Be Gone, it’s such a great song. People love it. Peter ‘Robbo’ Robertson from Spectrum.