Week 23 interviews and performances from 

Uncle Murray Harrison, Caroline Bowditch and Carl Panuzzo, and a viewer question for Swampy.

With a special introduction by our talented hosts Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined - Week 23 welcome from our hosts

Week 23: Courage

This week, the theme is courage, and it’s inspired by everyone in Victoria at the moment living through these turbulent times. We explore this theme in a variety of ways through storytelling and performance, dance, movement and choreography.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Carl Pannuzzo

Week 23: Courage

By the time he had finished high school, Carl Pannuzzo was a multi-instrumentalist and member of a band that was juggling up to 13 gigs a week.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Caroline Bowditch

Week 23: Courage

Arts Access CEO Caroline Bowditch has choreographed, performed and created works that have toured internationally, has helped found performance companies and has worked as an accessibility and inclusivity consultant.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Uncle Murray Harrison

Week 23: Courage

Music has always been a source of comfort to Uncle Murray Harrison who spent most of his childhood at a Ballarat orphanage as a member of the Stolen Generation. A proud Wotjobaluk man, Uncle shares with us what courage means to him and where it lives in his life. 

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