Week 22 interviews and performances from 

Mai Nguyen and Australian Vietnamese Arts, Frank Di Blasi and the Victorian Italian Community, Cath Jamison and a viewer question for Swampy.

With a special introduction by our talented hosts Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined - Week 22 welcome from our hosts

Week 22: Illusion

Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid welcome us to the performances for Week 22. This week, the theme is illusion and we explore that theme through dance, dreamy music and magic. Two members of Australian Vietnamese arts join us to share their Vietnamese traditions, we learn about the senior Italian Australian community and we meet one of Victoria's most fascinating magicians.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Australian Vietnamese Arts (AVA)

Week 22: Illusion

In mid-Autumn, many schools, community events and aged care centres mark the brightest night of the year by celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival, with many not realising it is a tradition that has been introduced by the local Vietnamese community.

The annual event is just one example of how helping migrants maintain a connection with their homeland also enriches Australia’s multicultural society.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Italian Community, with Frank Di Blasi, Tessa Alto Italia and Roberto Severini

Week 22: Illusion

Frank Di Blasi tells us about his work with CO.AS.IT. establishing Italian Senior's clubs throughout Victoria, 3ZZZ host Tessa Alto Italia shares her love for the Melbourne Italian Community and we finish with Roberto Severini performing the classic Italian song 'Nel blu, dipinto di blu'.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Cath Jamison

Week 22: Illusion

Cath Jamison has always pushed the boundaries so when she was given a magic kit as a five-year-old, she soon progressed from card tricks to making her pets disappear and reappear in different parts of the house.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined, 'Ask Swampy'

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