Week 19 interviews and performances from Dr Richard Mayes, Johnny Locks, Graham Townsend and the Sacred Heart Mission, Sally Ford with her band, Dr Hernandez and a viewer question for Swampy.

With a special introduction by our talented hosts Tristan Meechan and Bec Reid.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined - Week 19 welcome from our hosts

Week 19: Musical hearts

Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid welcome us to the performances for Week 19. This week, our theme is musical hearts. We introduce Sally Ford and her band Dr Hernandez, the mullet man, Dr Richard Mayes and Johnny Locks and Graham Townsend talk about the legend and legacy of the Sacred Heart Mission. 

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Dr Richard Mayes

Week 19: Musical hearts

Dr Richard Mayes is a firm believer that joy is often the best medicine, which is why you can find dancing up a flash mob storm on YouTube wearing a mullet wig.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Johnny Locks, Graham Townsend and the Sacred Heart Mission.

Week 19: Musical hearts

This week, the theme is musical hearts. We meet musician Johnny Locks and hear about his connection to the Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda. We also talk with the Sacred Heart's resident advocate and the recipeint of a 2019 Victorian Senior of the Year award, Graham Townsend.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Sally Ford with her band, Dr Hernandez

Week 19: Musical hearts

Latin music made a huge impact on a teenage Sally Ford when she was growing up in Geelong. It led her to become not only the lead vocalist, flute and saxophone player for the electro-cumbia, funky reggae and boogaloo band Dr Hernández, but the composer of the majority of the band’s Spanish songs.

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