Week one performances included Kutcha Edwards, The Gram O Phonie Brothers and Tania Kernaghan.

With a special introduction by our talented hosts Tristan Meechan and Bec Reid.




Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined- Welcome and introduction 

Week 1: Welcome

Welcome to the Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined in 2020 -a welcome video from our hosts Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Kutcha Edwards

Week 1: Welcome

For Aboriginal performer Kutcha Edwards, singing is more than entertainment or a means to pay the bills; it is a way for him to share his culture.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Tania Kernaghan

Week 1: Welcome

Tania Kernaghan began honing her Country music chops as an eight-year-old, when she performed for senior citizens in town halls alongside her talented siblings.

Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined Gram O Phonie Brothers

Week 1: Welcome

Comedy duo, the Gram-O-Phonie Brothers love experiencing the joy of connecting people with music that takes them back to another time or emotion.