Meet the people behind the faces of the 2019 Victorian Seniors Festival...

The Victorian Seniors Festival reaches out to all older Victorians and celebrates what it means to be an older person in Victoria.

Here are the stories of our 2019 Festival Faces telling their varied and diverse life experiences.

We thank each and everyone of our “faces of the Festival” storytellers.

We hope you enjoy reading about them.

Meet Giovanna

Giovanna Andrenacci

Giovanna – known to her friends as Vittoria, understands what it’s like to start a new life. Volunteering on the CO.AS.IT Visitation program, she has a big heart to share with people.

Meet Giovanna
2019 Festival storyteller Gloria

Gloria Whitfield

Small in stature but big in spirit Gloria lives her life with a deep sense of social justice. Known as ‘the terrier’, by work colleagues, Gloria is a fearless advocate for many.

Meet Gloria
Meet Helen Morgan

Helen Morgan

A proud Gunai woman, Helen and a group of visionary Aboriginal women founded the Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-operative in Bairnsdale in 1971

Meet Helen
Meet Ian Braybrooke

Ian Braybrooke

Ian’s passion for radio and broadcasting runs deep, and it now extends to writing books and being engaged in a wide range of community projects.

Meet Ian
Meet Kevin Conlon

Kevin Conlon

Kevin has travelled the world playing the bag pipes. Many years ago he’d never heard of the band AC/DC – yet he soon found himself performing their hit song “It’s a long way to the Top” with them on the back of a truck for their video clip being recorded on Swanston Street in the Melbourne CBD.

Meet Kevin
Meet Marie

Marie Pietersz

Marie Pietersz says age is just a number and that it does not define who we are.

Meet Marie
Meet Mary Bawden

Mary Bawden

Mary has an inspiring story. Recovering from being critically ill, Mary honours the gift of the life from the liver she was donated from a younger woman by dedicating her life to others.

Meet Mary
Meet Nita Jawary

Nita Jawary

Nita Jawary is an artist who is sustained by beauty - the beauty of the natural world and the beauty she finds in the goodness of others

Meet Nita
Vietnam veteran Tom Jobling

Tom Jobling

Tom is a Vietnam Veteran from Ballarat who struggled with PTSD for thirty years before using it as a catalyst for speaking openly about his wartime experiences.

Meet Tom
Meet Ron McKendry

Ron McKendry

Ron is an avid North Melbourne fan and remembers a time when they were known as ‘shin boners’ because of the history of North Melbourne and its abattoirs. With a twinkle in his eye he is a natural raconteur.

Meet Ron