Country music legend Tania Kernaghan first took to the stage as a child, performing to senior citizens with her talented siblings.

Tania Kernaghan performer

Tania Kernaghan 

‘I was about eight years old and my brother Lee was about 12, my brother Greg was 10 and my sister Fiona was four when we formed our little band called Angels and The Blue Devils,’ Tania says. ‘Mum and Dad would put our piano in the horse float and we’d go to local halls and do shows for senior citizens for Christmas parties and that kind of thing.

‘That’s how my siblings and I began our music careers and we just loved it. I always knew I wanted to sing and entertain people.

Seven albums, four Golden Guitar Awards, and an ARIA award nomination later, Tania is looking forward to once again entertaining an older crowd at the 2020 Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined.

‘I love performing for older people. They listen and they are really appreciative.’

Performing to an online audience is nothing new for Tania, who live-streams ‘Garage Karaoke’ on her Facebook page; performed whilst sitting on the back of her Triton ute.

‘I started doing it as way to connect with people and in the process brighten someone’s day through my music — you never know what people are going through in their own homes and Garage Karaoke is 15 minutes of fun every Thursday night. I even use a hairbrush as a microphone. People tune in from all around the world.'

Music is really powerful, it can soothe your anxiety, it can lift you up, it can heal a broken heart, it can change your mind and your emotions within three minutes.

‘So, spreading a bit of love and happiness and fun for those few minutes is the easiest thing I can do all week.’

Watch Tania's 2020 Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined performance