Some of singer-songwriter Rebecca Barnard’s finest work has been created well away from a recording studio.

‘Nature is where I process things and plan and just be, surrounded by this beautiful healing, environment. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sunshine and hearing birds sing and going on long walks with my doggies,’ Rebecca says.

‘That is my favourite thing to do. It gets into my cells and helps me produce something good musically. My last album was totally inspired by nature, it’s even got bird calls and frogs and fish splashing-like sounds.’

Some of her compositions spring from a stream of consciousness that sees them virtually write themselves, and others come to her in snippets of lyrics.

‘I put a lot of notes down, just one line here and there and they all accumulate, and you go through them and pick up what inspires you,’ she says.


‘Noodling around’ on her guitar can also lead to her writing the melody and chords before the lyrics.

‘That’s more enjoyable in a way, because once you start using words, everything has a meaning and people are going to interpret it and you can possibly censor yourself a bit more than you do with the actual instrumental part of it all,’ Rebecca says.

‘But that's the beauty of getting older — you don't censor yourself as much anymore because you don't care as much about what people think, so you can be as abstract or as literal as you like.’

Writing music is definitely one of Rebecca’s favourite things.

‘It's actually fun. When you get on the roll of creating a song, it’s the best. It's as good as being on stage performing. They are the two best parts about being a musician.’

Watch Rebecca's 2020 Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined performance.