In his younger days, musician and founder of the iconic band Boom Crash Opera, Peter Farnan promised himself he would never become a weary and cynical pub band player, which has led him to be selective about work projects.

Peter Farnan performing

‘I noticed that there was a generation of musicians that were quite jaded, which pissed me off a little bit because I thought if we're getting to perform, it's a privilege. Instead of feeling jaded, I actually feel the power of my experience and I can bring that to bear in the simplest moments,’ Pete says.

It also means he can tap musos of the calibre of Paul Kelly on the shoulder to be part of his ongoing music projects, which he likens to, ‘building a warming fire we can all gather around’. Someone he has built many musical fires with over almost 40 years is his partner, Jane Bayly. Whilst Jane is probably best known for acting on stage and television, she’s loved music since sharing music lessons with her three siblings.

‘For me, a place of pleasure and comfort was family Sunday mornings when we'd learn the recorder together in four-part harmony. Mum or dad would go to the French bake shop and bring home yummy buttery croissants to eat afterwards with our teacher.’

The talented couple’s latest joint effort is an original song for the Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined.

‘We both have a real respect for the others work and craft and so it's been a real pleasure to have a play with that again for the Seniors Festival…it's been a really enjoyable, reflective process,’ Jane says.

Watch Peter and Jane's 2020 Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined performance.