Nancy is a founding member and facilitator of Creativity Cluster, a group of nine female artists who met through a U3A class. Each works in a different medium, including painting, photography and ceramics. The group not only holds exhibitions, but also gives talks and runs workshops for the public.

Nancy D Lane’s artistic career began in her 70s, when she began collecting discarded junk from the streets. Initially she picked up random wire and metal out of a mixture of curiosity about its origins and concern it could puncture a cyclist’s tyre, but it didn’t take long before the found items began to mount up.

‘Then I started thinking, what am I going to do with these? Am I just going to throw them all out? Or maybe I can try to make something with them. So, I went down to the local hardware store and asked for something “that glues anything to anything”,’ Nancy says.

Armed with a heavy-duty adhesive and a glue gun, she started experimenting with ‘found object assemblage art’; creating brooches, wall sculptures and 3D artworks from discarded metal, wood, tiles and plastic.


Only three years later, NancyDee Sculptures have been displayed and sold at more than 30 group exhibitions, online and at five solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

‘I love it! I love being able to do something that gives me so much pleasure and that I’m just so involved in. I can sit and play with my junk for hours.’

Another huge bonus of her new career has been meeting and working with fascinating artists from around the world and promoting arts to the wider community, she says.

‘There’s an incredibly wide range of people in the arts in Melbourne and there's always something happening. It's always interesting, and I think it really keeps you alive.’

Watch Nancy's 2020 Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined interview and exhibition.