Power show business couple singer Jane Clifton and saxophone player Paul Williamson share a love of music and performance.

Jane Clifton and Paul Williamson performers

Jane Clifton and Paul Williamson

When Paul Williamson quit his job as an electronic technician to join a rock and roll band, his parents were mortified, and his boss told him he’d hold his job for a couple of years in case it didn’t work out.

‘That was 40 years ago,’ Paul says.

In the intervening period, he has firmly established himself as one of Australia’s leading jazz saxophone players, composers and music producers.

His initial ambition was a simple one; he wanted to play one gig but, that one hit was enough to hook him for life.

‘I wanted to give it a crack. I didn’t want to be the 40-year-old guy going to gigs saying, “I probably could have done that”. And I still love it. It just gets deeper. It’s just a great voyage of discovery. There’s always someone you haven’t heard of, a great new song and something to learn.”

What Paul has been working on lately is improving his guitar skills in the lead up to his Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined performance with his famous partner – the singer, actor and writer, Jane Clifton.

Jane was born to be a performer. Her mother was a vocalist and their home was always filled with music.

‘People who get into showbusiness do it because they love it.'

No one ever looks at singing and dancing and acting if they have a brain and say, “That’s a great career choice”. It is not a great career choice. You do it because you love it and when you lose that desire it’s time to quit. But neither of us have lost that desire,’ Jane says.

‘Like Paul, I’m addicted to it. I love performing. I love writing too, I have published five books, so I can sit in a room alone for hours or I can perform in front of a crowd of a thousand people, both are thrilling.’

Watch Jane and Paul's performance now.