What do you get when you cross an unhappy public servant with a disillusioned engineer?

The Gram-O-Phonie Brothers - a musical comedy duo that continues to be a firm favourite at the Victorian Seniors Festival.

Gram O Phonie Brothers performing

Malcolm Hansford and Anthony Dillon are Evardo and Antonio - the Gram O Phonie Brothers


Malcolm Hansford and Anthony Dillon have been performing as The Gram-O-Phonies for the past 16 years, since they met at a gig in Punt Road and found they were musical brothers from another mother.

‘Everything I knew, he knew and everything he knew, I knew. We had the same idea of theatricality and comedy,’ Anthony says.

Both had also only embraced their creative side later in life.

‘I had previously been working for a statutory authority and local government and completely ignored my desire to perform,’ Malcolm says.

‘I had a respectable job, the cars were getting bigger, the superannuation was getting bigger, and I was less and less happy and having less and less time to do what I loved, which was singing and making music with other people.’

Anthony had been working as an engineer and dabbling with music in his spare time before taking the plunge and joining a band.

‘Music was always very much on the fringe for me; something I was always going to get around to. Then I had that fortuitous meeting with Malcolm, which solidified into our duo act now.’

The pair perform songs from throughout the decades, experiencing the joy of seeing their audience connect with music that can take people back to another time or emotion.

‘We all have a favourite song and childhood memories and to touch someone with that moment is really powerful. It can be very meaningful,’ Anthony says.

‘So, the cars got smaller and so did the superannuation, but I am so much happier,’ Malcolm says.

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