Dan Witton credits his supportive family and growing up in South Australia during the ‘Dunstan Decade’ for encouraging him to pursue a diverse career as an actor, physical performer and musician.

‘I really appreciate the fact that I've had an opportunity to study and learn arts from a very young age in an educational context where those things were valued alongside doctors and lawyers and gardeners and people who take care of animals and make sure the children don't drown at swimming pools,’ Dan laughs.

Dan Witton

Dan began working as a professional performer whilst still at school. He wrote music for youth drama companies, played in bands and acted in other projects before moving interstate and travelling overseas. After training at Canada’s National Circus School in Montreal. He returned to Australia with his then partner, performer Teresa Blake and together they founded desoxy Theatre.


‘It was an ensemble-based theatre that made lots of shows and we toured them internationally and within Australia. It was very intense and really good work,’ Dan says.


After desoxy’s 10-year run, Dan continued performing and working as a freelance performer and musician as well as training in IT.


‘I worked as a web designer. That was my first private sector job. It was a shock because I didn't realise how ridiculous the non-arts world was, but I feel like I've got myself a BA with honours in middle-class Australia,’ he laughs.


Dan is clear on what his drive to perform is about. ‘Oh, showing off, definitely showing off, and trying to find beautiful things and ugly things, and trying to find funny and sad things…looking at all of those lovely opposites and the juicy stuff in life and sharing that with other people.’


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