The limitless possibilities provided by puppets can be a blessing and a curse for puppeteers when creating new work, but Bonkel Theatre’s Enio Pozzebon was literally struck by inspiration when he was hit by a car, providing material for a show he is working on with his partner, Katrina Gaskell.


The couple are keen cyclists, so Enio already had a grain of an idea before his accident.

‘I thought that it'd be great to do a show with two people on two bikes,’ Enio says. ‘You rock up, you stop, and then there's a box of stuff on the bike that opens up and little puppets come out and little scenes occur.

‘I started writing a song and then we said, “Well, what's it going to be about?”.’

The answer came when he was leaving a friend’s place late at night to find a couple of burly blokes stealing his new electric bike.

‘I went to get it back and they ended up hitting me with the car.’

Luckily, Enio was left only with bruising – and the beginnings of a new show.

‘It's the start of the narrative arc,’ Enio says. ‘A story of your lucky bike and how it lets you be free and enjoy life and then you go out into the big, scary night and boom, bang, you get run over …and we've got a story that gets told on two bikes with three puppets - beautiful.’

‘Before I thought about the fact that many creatives, whether they're writers, painters, or filmmakers often draw on their own experiences I thought, “Oh geez, all we can do is talk about ourselves”,’ Katrina says. ‘But now I know it’s okay. It's a starting point because you still then go on a journey into wherever you want to take it.’