Performers of the 2020 Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined get in the groove

Tania Kernaghan performer and logo 

Meet our 2020 Festival reimagined peformers - many have a long association with the Festival. 

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Catch their shows and get in the groove!

Kutcha Edwards performer

Kutcha Edwards

For Aboriginal performer Kutcha Edwards, singing is more than entertainment or a means to pay the bills; it’s a way for him to share his culture.  

Meet Kutcha Edwards
Gram O Phonie Brothers performing

Gram O Phonie Brothers

What do you get when you cross an unhappy public servant with a disillusioned engineer? The Gram-O-Phonie Brothers! A musical comedy duo that continues to be a firm favourite at the Seniors Festival.

Meet the Gram o Phonie Brothers
Tania Kernaghan performer

Tania Kernaghan

Country music legend Tania Kernaghan first took to the stage as an eight-year-old, performing for senior citizens with her talented siblings.

Meet Tania Kernaghan
Jane Clifton and Paul Williamson performers

Jane Clifton and Paul Williamson

The coronavirus lockdown, combined with the Seniors Festival reimagined, has provided a perfect opportunity for singer Jane Clifton to perform with her partner, musician Paul Williamson.

Meet Jane Clifton and Paul Williamson
Jaya Bollywood dancing

Jaya and Joshinder Bollywood dancing

Joshinder Chaggar and Jaya Karan grew up watching Bollywood movies but say the Hindi film industry, and the exuberant dance style it features, was not well known at the time, outside of the Indian community.

Meet Jaya and Joshinder - Bollywood dancers
Katrina Gaskell and Enio Pozzebon The Hopefuls

The Hopefuls Katrina Gaskell and Enio Pozzebon

After decades of working together, and apart, on other people’s projects, Melbourne creatives Katrina Gaskell and Enio Pozzebon combined their respective puppetry and musical talents to form Bonkel Theatre.

Meet The Hopefuls - Katrina Gaskell and Enio Pozzebon
Barbara Cheetham AO performer

Deborah Cheetham AO

Professor Deborah Cheetham AO has been a pioneer of Australian opera for more than 25 years. The proud Yorta Yorta woman has not only entertained audiences with her own, powerful soprano voice, but has been a pioneer for the art form, creating an invaluable legacy of Indigenous performers.

Meet Deborah Cheetham AO
Mark Trevorrow performer

Mark Trevorrow

Mark Trevorrow introduced the cheesy, polyester-wearing, lounge singer character that became Bob Downe in 1984; and he found the experience was intoxicating. However he was 40 when he began performing as himself.

Meet Mark Trevrorrow
Catalina Gonzalez performer

Catalina Gonzalez

Colombian dance teacher Catalina Gonzalez says the purpose of her Zumba classes for seniors is to create joy and connection.

Meet Catalina Gonzalez
James Blundell and Briar Blundell playing guitars

James Blundell

Singer songwriter James Blundell had never considered turning his love of music into a career, until being stomped on by a bull.

Meet James Blundell
Liz Jones, theatre doyen

Liz Jones

Liz Jones AO has been heavily involved with La Mama Theatre for the past 48 years, helping to nurture the careers of a staggering number of Australian artists.

Meet Liz Jones
Lonnie Lee, rock and roll singer

Lonnie Lee

More than sixty years on, Australian rockabilly pioneer Lonnie Lee still performs with the same passion he brought to the stage as a 15-year-old, with his pedometer showing he travels up to eight kilometres across the stage during a 90 minute show.

Meet Lonnie Lee
Talgium Edwards

Talgium Edwards

Uncle Talgium Edwards uses music, dancing and yarning as a way to heal.

Meet Talgium Edwards
Wendy Stapleton


Wendy Stapleton got her career break at the tender age of nine.

Meet Wendy Stapleton
Monica Dullard

Monica Dullard

Making people laugh has been Monica Dullard’s goal since her teens.

Meet Monica Dullard
Vardos trio


‘It can be dance music that is played at weddings and parties, it’s comedy and it’s also about the slow, sad and boring things in life too. It’s got it all’ says Alana from Vardos.

Meet Vardos
Deb and Sue from Batton and Broadway

Batton and Broadway

Sue Broadway of Batton and Broadway, says people from her generation love seeing people their own age on stage doing extraordinary things.

Meet Batton and Broadway
Sara and Jacob of Lemony S Puppet Theatre

Lemony S Puppet Theatre

Sarah and Jacob run their own company, the Lemony S Puppet Theatre, performing works that often combine real actors and puppets to create a ‘magical realism’.

Meet Lemony S Puppet Theatre

Maureen Andrew

"All generations need a greater acceptance that so many mature age people are dynamite." Maureen Andrew.

Meet Maureen Andrew

Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd’s musical journey began when his mother took him to audition for the Christchurch Cathedral choir but that all changed when young Mike heard Little Richard.

Meet Mike Rudd

Rebecca Barnard

Australian singer songwriter Rebecca Barnard says becoming a musician was not a choice – it was in her DNA.

Meet Rebecca Barnard

Melissa Langton and Mark Jones

It is the creative freedom of cabaret that first attracted performers Melissa Langton and Mark Jones.

Meet Melissa Langton and Mark Jones

N'arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs

Boon Wurrung Elder, N'arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM has a family history of fighting for justice.

Meet Narweet Caroline Briggs

The Retro Girls

‘It's like every adult in the room has suddenly become a teenager again and has allowed themselves to let their hair down.’ says Retro girl Rach of their live shows.

Meet The Retro Girls

Uncle Jack Charles

‘When you were taken in those days, during the 40s and 50s, you immediately got a criminal record. Your first offence was, “Aboriginal child Jack Charles. The offence — child in need of care and attention”,’ Uncle Jack Charles says.

Meet Uncle Jack Charles
Spectrum performing


Music’s really great like that, it always takes you back to a place or time. You can see a lot of happy people singing along to I'll Be Gone, it’s such a great song. People love it. Peter ‘Robbo’ Robertson from Spectrum.

Meet Spectrum
Regan Kohu and Nina Katene performing

Nina Katene and Regan Kohu

‘We take our Elders on stage and we're showing what they've taught us, their experiences, their stories. It flows right through everybody in the group and it just makes everybody feel connected and in unison. It's a great feeling to be a part of.’ Regan Kohu.

Meet Regan Kohu and Nina Katene
Maude Davey

Maude Davey

Grab your tassels, focus the spot because today we welcome an Australian cabaret legend, performer, actor, mentor, known throughout the land for her activism, vitality and generosity.

Meet Maude Davey
Paul Hogan

Paul Hogan

After wowing his colleagues with his Robbie Williams impersonation at his work’s Christmas breakup party, Paul Hogan was shocked when his boss called him into the office to tell him he should resign from his data processing job.

Meet Paul Hogan
Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey

Maddie and Tim

Audio conceptual artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey trace their fascination with sound to the fact they both spent their childhoods in the country.

Meet Maddie and Tim

James Blundell is getting married!

Country music singer James Blundell has been writing songs since he was seven, with many featuring a broken heart. It may have taken 37 years, but he’s finally marrying his long-time muse.

Congratulate James Blundell

Nina Ferro

‘One of my first gigs was at my grandpa's aged care facility. I was probably 10 years old and I remember sitting there and singing songs with him and the residents and they were all singing along,’ says Nina Ferro.

Meet Nina Ferro

SOS The Australian ABBA Tribute Show

By day Jodie Thornton is a dancing teacher, by night she is a dancing queen, reprising Agnetha Fältskog’s role in SOS The Australian ABBA Tribute Show.

Meet SOS The Australian ABBA Tribute Show

Anthony Dillon

Entertainer Anthony Dillon performs classic hits from the 50s to the present as his alter ego; Frank Lee Darling, the self-assured, time-travelling crooner.

Meet Anthony Dillon

Rebecca Barnard and nature

The healing environment of nature provides Melbourne singer-songwriter Rebecca Barnard with all the creative inspiration she needs to write her lyrics and music.

Rebecca Barnard and nature

Nancy D Lane

Nancy D Lane’s artistic career began in her 70s, when she began collecting discarded junk from the streets out of a mixture of curiosity and concern for others.

Meet Nancy D Lane
Bob Downe

Bob Downe

When comedian Mark Trevorrow birthed his over-the-top safari-suit-wearing character Bob Downe in 1984, the aim was to make people laugh but he has been delighted to discover Bob hasn’t just nailed that, he has also helped many young people to become comfortable in their sexuality.

Meet Bob Downe
VSFR 2020 Patrick McMahon

Patrick McMahon

Country singer Patrick McMahon learned early on that showbiz is a rollercoaster when he was given the cane by a Benedictine Monk at his boarding school after winning a televised talent show when he was 16.

Meet Patrick McMahon