Soccer ball

What is Walking Football and how is it different from ‘real football/soccer’?

Walking Football is a slower, modified version of the world game. It is designed for people who are unable to run, such as seniors or people with a disability, to get active and improve their physical and mental health. The key rules are that players cannot run or make physical contact with their opponents. It is all about fun and making new friends.

When did it begin?

In Victoria, Melbourne City FC and VicHealth piloted the program last year and registered more than 800 players.

How many clubs are there across Melbourne and Victoria?

There are two programs up and running, but many more are about to start across Melbourne. Melbourne City FC is looking to partner councils, community agencies, football clubs and aged care providers to deliver the programs.

Do you have many women playing?

Women love it and make up more than half of the participants. Many have never played the sport before, but are keen to learn the skills and get active. Our programs are mixed gender - women and men play together.

(Interview with George Halkias, City Strikers project manager)

The chance to play Walking Football is taking place as part of the 2017 Victorian Seniors Festival, which runs throughout October.