Tom taught all his working life, finishing his career as the principal of a special school for people with disabilities, which he describes as very rewarding. When he finished full-time work Tom took the plunge into community projects.

He got involved with the Victorian Seniors Festival and the Wodonga Children’s Fair, which attracts thousands of kids from all over the Riverina and northern Victoria.

If he’s not volunteer ushering at the local theatre, he’s turning sausages at the local tennis club. He’s been involved with projects to make Wodonga an even better place to live including the Consultation Group of the Future of Wodonga, Beautifying the Waterways of Wodonga and the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network.

Tom says it’s a labour of love that is supported by a whole town of community minded people. It’s the interaction with people that attracts him the most. There is great community spirit here and we live in a place where the council listens to and works with the people. That’s one of the reasons I am happy to give my time.

He moved to Wodonga 14 years ago after his wife Laurice died. He loves it, especially the great golf courses along the river and fine wineries nearby. He has also met a great new partner Margaret, and enjoys all that this gives him.

Now 73, Tom plans to travel more and continue to contribute to community projects.

Tom encourages everyone to take an active role in their community, confident that they will get the same enjoyment out of it that he does. Don’t play around the edges, he says. Get in there and do what you can.

These stories celebrate the contributions and diversity of people who are part of the Victorian Seniors Festival.