June is a fiercely independent woman. She is well known by her many friends as the junior Senior!

She has a degenerate eye condition called RP (retinitis pigmentosa) which begins with night blindness and often leads to total blindness. Vision Australia assist and support her and an orientation and mobility specialist teaches her white cane techniques to enable her to move around with safety.

June trained in Allied Health and earned a Diploma in Community Development. She worked for many years in aged care and reluctantly retired in early 2015, returning now as a volunteer. Residents share their life stories with her, many have memories of theatre and Tivoli shows, dancing days, GJ Coles, Foy and Gibson and Georges stores and much more. They speak of hardships as they were a generation that improvised but still had happy times. June said she is privileged to be part of these personal accounts. Their stories are written in their own words and featured in attractive display books.

June is a member of the Yarra Ranges Council Disability Advisory Committee, involving people with a disability and others who are disadvantaged in the community. She represents people who are blind or have a vision loss.

June began ballroom dancing a year ago, when Vision Australia offered a program from a local dancing school. She receives encouragement from others and recently attended an eventful Gala Ball.

She started a professional writing course at a local community house in 2014 and is guided and encouraged by accomplished writer Liliane Grace. June enjoys writing stories, and sharing life experiences with others who attend.

June says she has met incredible and inspiring people in her community activities. Asked about the future, she says she wants to get up when the rooster crows to get more hours out of each day.

These stories celebrate the contributions and diversity of people who are part of the Victorian Seniors Festival.