Ian has always worked hard. Driving trucks, delivering furniture, working on a cattle station, labouring on a dairy farm or working as a mechanic, security guard and on the railways, he was always keen to put in a full day’s work.

When he retired he struggled with boredom. He didn’t want to go back to fulltime work, preferring to enjoy life while he still could. But he needed something. So, he joined a gym where he met some older men who encouraged him to join them for a round of golf. Since then golf has become a regular part of his life.

He soon took on an organising role for the weekly golf group, signing up members, introducing newcomers to the game and encouraging them to stay involved.
Through the golf club, Ian has established a good working relationship with Whittlesea Council, supporting their work with older people and in turn receiving regular support and assistance from them.

Recreationally satisfied he wanted more and so he put his hand up to deliver meals on wheels. He knows that without the service, many of the people he visits would not be able to remain living independently. He gets a lot out of it too. There is nothing more satisfying than meeting new people, having a yarn and asking about each other. You establish friendships with a lot of people.

Ian loves retirement. There is no such thing as nothing to do, he says and you don’t need a lot of money to get involved because there are many council activities that are either subsided or fully funded for us.

Ian wants others to get out and about like him. It’s all up to you. Nobody can do it all for you. So get out and do it!

These stories celebrate the contributions and diversity of people who are part of the Victorian Seniors Festival.