Turning 60 is a special age for Japanese people and marks a new beginning or birth. Called Kanreki, it’s seen as a second chance to reflect on what to build on and what to leave behind.

In this edition of Seniors Card Magazine we explore how Victorian seniors are embracing their new beginning or phase of life. We look at maintaining good health as you age and staying socially connected.

To help you stay healthy and active, the Victorian Seniors Card program offers many discounts to make it more affordable to get out and about.

This magazine, along with the Seniors Card e-News, not only ensures you are up to date on Seniors Card program offers, it helps you keep pace with the latest developments, views and advice on living your life to the full after 60. If you are among the 60,000 new seniors who joined the Seniors Card program this year – welcome! We hope the magazine inspires you to stay vital – in mind and body.

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