Older carpenter at work

A $98.8 million Victorian Government-funded jobs program is assisting older employees to secure work, whilst educating employers about the benefits of a mature workforce.

Jobs Victoria has been set up to assist people to overcome barriers to employment, including age, and is delivered via a network of about 50 Jobs Victoria Partners throughout the state. The program provides job seekers with free tailored support to find work. This can include analysing their skills to determine the best fit for them; providing assistance to refresh or embed new skills; and funding equipment that may be a job requirement, or paying for pre-employment checks.


The way employers find new staff has changed dramatically over the years, so Jobs Victoria also provides job seekers with help to them get job ready. Job seekers get help ranging from mentoring, upskilling and professional development through to help with preparing job applications and coaching to get ready for interviews.

Jobs Victoria also works with employers to pinpoint the types of skills and experience they require from new employees before matching them with job seekers. It encourages recruiting employers to think outside the box and be open to the benefits of a more diverse workforce, such as the strong work ethic, maturity and experience that many older job seekers can bring to a role.

Employer support

Jobs Victoria also supports employers to overcome issues and concerns that might prevent them from being open to taking on workers. This support continues for the first six months of the job placement, enabling any issues that could jeopardise ongoing employment to be ironed out.

To date, Jobs Victoria has helped about 7,000 people, including 1,089 seniors, to find a job, and has supported about 3,800 employers across Victoria to successfully fill roles.

If you would like to find out more about the program, either as an employer or as a job seeker, go to the Jobs Victoria website or call 1300 208 575.