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Long Live the Sixties, the Seventies and Beyond

”Live long, live well” is the catchcry Foundation 49 at The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute uses to guide men through each decade of life to ensure each decade is not only lived to its full potential but serves as a healthy forerunner to the next one.

Foundation 49 Chair Chris White says men's health is important, and because every decade is different it’s crucial men know the nuances of looking after their health and wellbeing through each decade.

Chris, who is a business owner and recreational running coach, says The Baker Institute’s Foundation 49’s vision is to empower men to live longer and healthier lives.

Men are getting better at recognising the importance and the link of putting in the work when they are younger to have a good quality of life when they are older – it’s not just about living longer it’s about living better as you age, he says.

We want men in every decade to be living healthier, happier, fulfilling and meaningful lives – and how you live in each decade effects the quality of life in present and in the next decade.

Through its website, Fact Sheets and monthly magazine, A Whole New Ball Game, Foundation 49 – a not-for-profit men’s health promotion initiative of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute – provides evidence-based health and wellbeing information for men of all ages.

Chris backs up his talk with action. He founded GoRun Australia in 2015, and prior to that worked in public health teams in the UK, Belgium and Australia for over 10 years, working on public health research, funding, advocacy and partnerships. Chris is a passionate runner and health advocate who successfully ran a whopping 17 marathons in 2017 around Australia, raising over $18,000 for the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.

The range of opportunities in life open to you is far broader if you are in good health.

Chris says the 60s is a decade of major change, and good health can provide an opportunity to enjoy retirement, travel and spend time with family and friends.

By their 70s many know there is a significant link between their health and their lifestyle, and keeping fit and well, both physically and mentally, is essential, he says.

It is possible to increase the number of years you live beyond 70, and equally possible to be more productive and energetic across the years. The great benefit of this is the increased opportunity to stay involved with family, friends, your community and your favourite activities.

Steps to better health in your 60s, 70s and beyond, Foundation 49 advises:

  • Get moving at least 30 minutes a day with a walk or a bike ride, a game of gold, gardening, a hit of tennis – they’re all investments in your long-term mobility and energy levels
  • Enjoy socialising as much as possible – laugh lots out loud
  • Make an annual visit to your GP – an essential goal each birthday
  • Keep active and keep your weight down

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