Growing old has its benefits, particularly on public transport.

One of the best things about turning 60 is all the discounts that suddenly appear at your doorstep (figuratively speaking, of course) – and one of the most useful is the travel concessions myki provides.

A Seniors myki cuts the cost of travelling on Melbourne’s public transport in half – and the same applies for most of regional Victoria.

Travel benefits include:

  • 50% off train, tram and bus fares, including V/Line trains and coaches.
  • Free weekend travel in any two consecutive zones and on regional town buses.
  • Free off-peak travel vouchers. You'll receive these in your Welcome Pack when you join the Seniors Card program and during the Seniors Card mail out in September and October. These can be redeemed for one day's unlimited travel in Zone 1+2 and an off-peak V/Line single or day return.
  • Free travel during October's Victorian Seniors Festival.
  • Cheaper off-peak fares on V/Line services.

Once you have your Seniors myki you’ll need to keep it topped up. Choose myki Money if you travel occasionally, or myki Pass if you travel most days. You can top up your card at myki machines at selected stations and stops, on board a bus ($20 max), at more than 800 shops (including all 7-Elevens), at (allow about 90 minutes for online top ups to process), or by calling 1800 800 007.

Find your nearest place to top up at and be sure to top up with enough money to pay for your entire journey. As a guide, $5 will get you around Melbourne for a day, with a little change.

Remember to carry your Seniors Card and Seniors myki when you travel. Touch on at all times (unless you’re just travelling in the Free Tram Zone) and touch off when travelling on trains and buses. Only touch off on trams if you’re just travelling in Zone 2.

Finally, it pays to register your myki online so you can see the cost of your recent trips and balances, set up Auto Top Up, protect your card's balance if it is lost or stolen, automatically receive a new card when yours expires (every four years) and manage another person's myki.

For more information, or to plan your journey, download the PTV app, visit or call 1800 800 007.

Lost your card?

If you are a Seniors Card holder, call 1800 800 007.