Ayten Emin

Ayten Emin is famous in the Turkish Cypriot community of Brimbank, both for her cooking skills and her selfless dedication to others. She is a vibrant and active community leader who is always looking for ways to help people fit in and gain new knowledge and experience.

Ayten came to Australia in 1973, so she knows first-hand how hard it is to start life in a new place with few family members around.

These days, she drives the minibus that brings older members of the community to and from meetings and events at the Migrant Resource Centre North West Region.

She has volunteered at the centre for over 12 years, and she is always on hand to recruit volunteers and promote the centre’s work and also runs the Cypriot Turkish Elderly Women’s Group, which supports older people to remain connected with each other and their friends from the Turkish community.