We want you to have a safe journey when you're travelling around on public transport. Take a look at this short video about travelling safely on bus services, with a special emphasis on senior travellers. For more travelling tips please visit Transdev Melbourne.

A safe journey is simple on public transport. If you have any concerns about your safety on the bus, it's important to always voice them. The driver is always happy to answer questions. The best time to ask is at the start of your journey or when the bus is stopped. Distracting the driver while moving can be dangerous. 
Whenever travelling on a new route, let the driver know where you are going. It can also be good to find out about the route the driver is taking, that way you can be sure you'll get where you want to go or you'll know where you can stop in case you change your mind. 
It can be hard to know where your stop is when you're in a new area. It's better to tell the driver than to miss it all together. 

Stay independent, travel safe. Visit www.transdevmelbourne.com.au for more details.

For further information and tips regarding transport safety on buses please visit https://transportsafety.vic.gov.au/bus-safety and for trains please visit https://transportsafety.vic.gov.au/rail-safety

A safe journey is simple on public transport, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, so it's helpful to always have your myki topped up before travelling. You can arrange for automatic myki top-ups for your card, that way you don't have to worry about it when catching the bus. 

It's also handy to register your myki when you purchase it. This will protect your myki balance in case you lose your card. You can top up your myki at the local newsagency right by the stop and you can do it at 7-Elevens and train stations too. For more information about myki visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

Always travel with your Seniors Card. There's no need to worry about being overcharged if you don't touch off correctly. Seniors fares are capped on weekdays and they travel for free in zones one and two on the weekends. How good is that?