28 September 2016
Duration: 2:42

You can use the internet to watch free videos on your Android tablet.

You can use the internet to watch free videos on your Android tablet. There's everything from documentaries to home movies. To watch videos, you use the built in YouTube app and your internet connection, of course. Be aware though, that while it's free to watch YouTube, the videos you play count towards your monthly data limit.

On your Android tablet's home screen, tap the apps icon in the top right corner to view all your apps. Now tap the YouTube app to start YouTube. Here's the YouTube home screen. Each picture here is a link to a different video. These are the most popular videos at the moment. To search for something that you're interested in, tap the search YouTube bar next to the little magnifying glass.

Okay, let's type in Indian Pacific. Suggested searches appear in a list here and you can tap the one that seems most relevant to you. This grid of pictures displays the results of the search. Each one has a brief description. Let's tap on the first one. This screen shows the video in the left corner and a list of related videos in the right.

The video will start playing automatically. To run the video in full screen, tap it to display its controls. Now tap this icon with four arrows pointing outwards. The video now plays full screen. Notice that if the video isn't the same shape as your tablet, black bars will appear either on the sides or on the top and bottom. Because this video is on the internet, it may pause from time to time as more video is downloaded. To fast forward or rewind, tap the video so the controls appear again. You can move this white dot to the left to rewind or to the right to fast forward. Tap the centre of the video to pause and tap it again to play. To see more videos, tap the YouTube logo in the top left corner. This takes you back to the YouTube home screen where you can do another search.

The options on YouTube really are endless. You can search for anything that you can think of, from my favourite, model railroads to your favourite recipes, and best of all, it's all free to watch.