Gambling Harm Awareness Week runs from 19 to 25 October 2020

And this year you are encouraged talk about the harms associated with gambling and the effects they can have on communities, families, friends, workplaces and individuals.

The week focuses on personal stories of recovery, which are powerful because they offer a sense of hope and optimism. They also encourage open community discussions that help to reduce stigma, which can be a barrier to help seeking. The following three stories are moving accounts of the first-hand impact of gambling on the gambler, and their loved ones. Sunenna's second husband was charming and witty, but after four months of marriage she noticed some troubling behaivour. Read Sunenna's story here:

Ken started gambling as a 15 year old boy, accompanying the elders of the senior cricket and football team to the TAB on a Saturday. Read Kens story

Anna Bardsley received the 2019 Victorian Senior of the Year, Healthy and Active Living Award, for her work in gambling reform. She is a retired businesswoman, a grandmother, singer, writer and she lost ten years of her life to poker machines.

It’s more than 14 years since Anna gave any money to the gambling industry. Anna is a founding member of Three Sides of the Coin theatre group, and is employed by The Alliance for Gambling Reform. Read Anna's story

Three Sides of the Coin project is a creative story-telling process, enabling people with lived experience of gambling harm to develop confidence, peer support, and become ‘accidental advocates’.

These personal stories are shared through live performances, which educate the community and train professionals about gambling harm and the intersections of gambling with other health issues eg drugs, alcohol, mental health, family violence. The purpose is to disrupt the normalisation of gambling, reduce stigma, increase help-seeking, and frame gambling as a public health issue. For more information visit the Three sides of the coin website: or contact Judy on email:

Free webinar: Three Sides of the Coin - gambling impact on our community

Hear from people with personal experience of gambling harm and recovery. With special guest Tim Costello.

Tuesday 27 October 10am.

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 Gambling harm prevention webinar promotion with Anna Bardsley and Tim Costello


Where to get help and support

If you know someone who might need support, there are some useful tools for having the conversation on the Gambler's Help website:

And if you're worried a friend or family member has a problem with gambling there's some good information on the Gambler's Help website:

For free and confidential support - 24 hours a day, seven days a week phone Gambler's Help on 1800 858 858 (Free call) the Gambler's Help website also has a live chat and email counselling you can sign up for. For more information visit the Gambler's harm website: